Celine’s Story

Celine Daub, ESOL Student


When I announced to my son that I was going back to school, he was just so happy for me. First, he asked me, “Will you be in my classroom? Can you sit behind me?”

I explained to him that I will go to a school for adults only, to make my English better. He was a little disappointed but he said to me “I will help you with your homework like you help me with mine.” He was so proud of the thought that for once, he will be the one helping me.

In fact, he really does help me. When I say to him, “Tomorrow mom has a test, so I need to study tonight,” he is the first to volunteer to make me study my vocabulary. When I come home at night, his first question will be, “Did you do well at your test?” So when I say, “Yes, I got a good grade,” he is so happy for me because my success is his success at the same time!

At night, when it is story time, he corrects me with my pronunciation. On days I have school, while we are waiting at the bus stop, he encourages me by telling me, “Have a good day mom, study hard so one day, we can go to college together!” That always makes me laugh.

"I am proud to show my son that it is never too late to learn" -Celine, ESOL studentOne day we went to my school for a reading program for children and he was so curious and excited about to visit my school. He asked me to show him my classroom, and asked me if he would be able to meet my teacher because I talked about her at home. In the past he asked me if she was nice, what her name was, and other things.

I am proud to show him that it is never too late to learn, even when you are an adult. If you want something better for yourself, you have to do everything possible to get it. You will always find a way, even if your have a family and obligations, because so many people are out there willing to help you and make your life better.

So I can say YES, definitely, my son responded very well to my going back to school and I’m hoping he learns from my experience that it’s never too late to do something for yourself, for your family, and for your future. Everything is possible; if you want something, go for it!! We are in America, living the American Dream!!!!

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2 Responses to Celine’s Story

  1. Michelle Hughes says:

    Congratulations Celine on living your American Dream! Thanks for sharing your story! Best Wishes to you !

  2. Celine, I liked to read how you and your son work together and help each other. Thanks for telling your story.

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