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Grace_Lowe_photo_GSTBOCES_GEDBy Grace Lowe, GED Student

Born in Corning, New York, I attended many schools through the years.  I moved to Elmira, and took many classes. I loved to read and write so literature was an excellent subject, in my opinion.  My favorite book was The Diary of Anne Frank.  It showed me to never lose faith and to never back down, no matter how much of a struggle you are going through.

It wasn’t until high school that I experienced many new subjects that I could learn.  My schedule consisted of anatomy, web page design, marketing, and photography.  I had my four main subjects and was an A student in them.  I joined many clubs and was also awarded for being such a great student.  I tutored other students that were struggling in some of their subjects.

I liked anatomy because I thought I could be able to go on and pursue a nursing career with the education I was receiving. Though some subjects were challenging, I got through them with a lot of studying.  Web page design was fun, and in 2010 I learned and made a Public Service Announcement on child abuse and drunk driving. I made many websites for my school and groups.

High school was fun at first, but by the eleventh grade it got to be very difficult. When I found out I was pregnant, I tried to make it through school.  This is when I learned if you are a young girl in high school and you are pregnant, you not only get sick but you also lose many friends.  I lost a lot of school time because of the fact that I was a high risk pregnancy and was in the hospital every week.  Even though I tried to return to school each time, things just kept getting more difficult for me and my unborn child.  I was harassed by my other classmates.  I tried to do what was needed of me, but I learned that I needed to do what was best for my baby and me.  After all of this, I moved to North Carolina with my aunt and uncle.

My beautiful baby boy was born in January 2012, in North Carolina.  He is the light of my life.  It is hard to leave him with my fiancée and my mother-in-law so I can go to school.  He cries at first, but after a while, he gets his toys or plays with the puppies and he feels better.  When I get home, I see a bright and smiling baby boy looking up at me saying “mama.”

After Christmas, I moved back to my home town in New York to be closer to my foster parents, so they could meet their grandson.  It’s very difficult going back to school in Waverly, New York, for my high school equivalency diploma, but I wake up every morning and say, “I’m doing this for me; I want to go to college and be a sophisticated woman!” I’ve taught myself to never give up.  After getting my equivalency diploma, I want to attend BOCES and complete studies to become a NEW custom shares_icons_edit2Certified Nurse Assistant.  I’ve always wanted to help people and I think that becoming a certified nurse assistant will let me do so.

Statistics show that it is harder for young mothers to leave their children to go back to school, but I want to better myself, find a better job, and get my GED.  It may be hard for my son to adjust to it, but I know that we will get past this short-term goal and even get past the long-term ones.  The best thing for other mothers and their children to learn is to never give up, no matter what.  Many women need to say in their minds, “I’m never going to give up; I’m going to just get through this little bump in the road and live my life happy for my family and myself.”

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