Rosa’s Story

Rosa Rico, ESOL/GED Student 


My name is Rosa Rico, and I am 45 years old. I am married and have three children from my first marriage. I was born in Acapulco, Mexico. Acapulco is a beautiful place with quiet beaches. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and eat fresh fish and lobsters every day. In the evenings,   you can relax by a bonfire on the beach and listen to the sound of the waves that come and go.  The sky is full of stars and a moon that cannot be more brilliant. I loved living in Acapulco, but one day my life changed. My parents decided to seek the American dream and give their nine children a better life.

I was 17 years old when my family and I arrived in the United States as immigrants. We moved to Santa Ana, California. It was very difficult not understanding or speaking English so I learned basic English. My dream was to go to school and study more English, but my parents did not allow it. They only allowed my brothers to attend. I was expected to help the family so I went to work in a soup factory. I met my boyfriend working at the factory and told him my dream to study English. He convinced me that he believed in my dream and that once married, he would support my dream. We got married, but soon after had three children. My dream of studying was "I want others to not be afraid to ask for help" - Rosa, ESOL/GED studentput on hold once again. Although I have never regretted having my children and taking care of them, I do still dream of studying.

Twenty years later, I am now attending school. I am learning English at the College of Southern Nevada, and my next goal is to take GED classes to obtain my GED.  My children fully support my dream and encourage me to continue. They help me with my homework when I need it. They help keep my dream alive!  I am very excited for my future!

I want others who come to the United States to not be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone there to listen to us and support us. We can improve our future without forgetting our roots change and improve our lives. We have the strength to work, but we need the motivation to seek education. I am happy that I finally got to go after my dream!

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One Response to Rosa’s Story

  1. Michelle Hughes says:

    Rosa, congratulations on going back to school after 20 years! You have a lot of strength & determination! Best wishes on improving your English & getting your GED one day.

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