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The 12 mothers featured here shared their journeys to get an education. Now it’s your turn:

  • Do you have a story about how learning changed your life?
  • Do you know a special mother with a similar story?
  • What has your mother or another inspirational woman taught you?

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  1. Tomoko Funahashi says:

    I’d like to share my essay here so everyone could read it. Thanks.

    An ESL Writer

    After the first cell division occurs, a fetus rapidly grows for nine months. Then with intolerable pain, a mom delivers her child. The mother soon forgets the trial she just suffered and immediately feels ‘love’ toward her baby.

    However delivery is not the end. There is a big things-to-do list, which is waiting for the new mom; Changing diapers, feeding, kissing, taking pictures, and so on. Even as these early years pass, moms are still busy caring for their families. Why do busy moms want to learn more? All the reasons stem from one root because they want to improve their life.

    I set my goal to write better in English.

    I am a mom of three children. We moved to the U.S. in 1995. English is my second language. After sixteen years of living in this country, I took an ESL class for adults at a nearby community college.

    The class I attended at the community college gave out homework that focused on writing. It required writing something for the week’s topic; composing a poem, or expressing something about us. We wrote at least once a week. It was a hard task for me, but my goal was to improve my writing skills. Therefore, I tried to compose sentences as perfectly as possible. The teachers always corrected my writings and urged me to write more in English.

    Meanwhile, I found information about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, on a website. It was a writing project that suggested to write a novel with 50,000 or more words during the month of November. After a couple of weeks later, writing fiction became an unexpectedly exciting job to me. I felt that weekly writing assignment had fueled my ability to write a novel. The instructors always asked me how my novel was going and encouraged me to finish it on time.

    When the NaNoWriMo month was over, I found out that my novel needed many corrections. But as an ESL student, I felt it awkward to revise a novel written in English. I asked the teachers to help me to edit my novel. I felt that correction by professional instructors was essential for me to refine my writing.

    Like growing inside my uterus, my novel initiated its life as a tiny core. Like nine months of pregnancy, one month of writing was hard as well; I stayed up late every night, or sometimes I even skipped eating in order to keep writing. Like a baby being delivered, my novel was finished. More than that, as a newborn baby needs to be well taken care of, my story needed a canny revision with a mom‘s selfless love, until they become independent and matured enough.

    Similar to raising children, writing skills don’t develop in one day. Step by step, I will approach my goal with the help of adult education classes. In other words, by writing novels, I will repeatedly review what I learn in the class to achieve my goal; writing better in English.

  2. hoda says:

    every mother in the world is worth a big prize

  3. hoda says:

    iam a young mother have 2 children 4 years and 1 years old , i have hard life everyday get up at 6 clock pray ,praper sandwich for my children and get them take them

  4. eh htoo says:

    mother is a tree who give a shelter of our lives to grow with knowledgeable person
    mother always show us their loves

  5. Hana Moualla says:

    New long-life student was born at the day when I delivered my son. I worked at the bank as an archive
    specialist (at the same time I was studying my first year at the University to increase my career
    possibilities). Taking care about child and school was a huge experience to me. I had always valued my
    independence high. Studying management and economy with small baby was confusing. No sleep, no
    harmony, new roles… My son was two years old when I got MSc. diploma and we have relocated to
    Turkey… With diploma, no work contract, no Turkish language. My maternity leave ended and I quit my
    job (in Czech we are pretty blessed with long period). I have found out that English is not enough in
    here. I was about to become insane. All days with the kid, my mum had cancer, my father in law
    paralyzed for some months and other family issues, money issues… The only thing I had, was the
    Internet. My virtual courses, virtual friends… I have started writing and intensively studying at various e-
    learning´s. I have obtained certifications for freelance journalism and teaching Czech (and I kept on
    travelling for some lectures back to my country). At least I have met some course mates back home… I
    think I should have slept more and go out with real people and dress nicely for myself more. Because I
    have paid a lot for being able to study… I had to forget my leisure time activities, my hobbies to be able
    to take care of household (no nanny, no family, no cleaner), but I did never give up my educational
    needs. Studying when not having working visa at other country gave me hope, persistence and time-
    management skills. I have been working through small contracts as freelancer. I was left alone and
    developed new identity. The most important for me was my will and trust I had for myself and my
    decisions. Volunteering for some organisations in Istanbul shown me too that it is worth encouraging
    others too. I accepted the idea of being long-life student and understand the complete meaning. Lately I
    joined my first MOOC E-learning and Digital Cultures… This week we are evaluating our assignements…
    And although I am facing many objective problems and my mood is disrupted even more with new
    family problems, I am able to continue. Looking back makes me proud. I could have given up, but I never

    Never stop learning, start reading and enjoy your life. Obstacles are here just to let us grow.

  6. eh htoo says:

    may 12, is mother’s day but i didn’t get to celebrate that days. in my villages many young people were very busy in the to celebrate. but i wish all of mother will be happy long life in their lives

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